Portable Winch PCW3000


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The PCW3000 Capstan Winch is a more portable version of the 5000. At 9.5 kg (20lb), it is lighter than its 16kg (35lb) brother. Despite its smaller size, it still quite powerful with a 700kg (1550 lb) pulling capacity.

The heart of the PCW3000 is a 35cc 4-stroke Honda engine, which is reliable and portable. The winch is compatible with accessories that expand the functionality. Chief among these is the molded plastic carrying case. Users can anchor it to a tree it with a sling, or to a vehicle with a hitch plate.The capstan principle removes the limit on rope length.

Unlike conventional winches, the PCW3000 has constant pulling power. The rope is tied to the load and wrapped three to four times around the drum. When the engine is running, the drum turns automatically.Simply pull on the rope to apply friction to the drum and pull the load. The drum speed is 8 metres (26 feet) per minute.