Portable Winch PWC4000


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Discover the all-new PCW4000 winch with all the same power in a new light weight body with perfect control over the movement of a load using the quick release automatic anti rollback mechanism, also know as the ARM

This model also features the most recent Honda GX50 4-stroke 360° inclinable engine. Among its other numerous characteristics, note the smooth performance, proven reliability, emissions compliant, and ease of start-up, of operation and maintenance. Users will therefore have the freedom to use this winch in any conditions and any positions

Warning: the PCW400 is not designed for lifting

The PCW4000 develops a remarkable pulling force of 2,200 lb without mechanical advantage. By adding a pulley system, you can go up to five times (5x) the pulling force. That means, with two double pulleys, you could pull up to 11,000 lb

Technical Specifications:


  • Honda GX50 4-stroke - 360° inclinable 
  • Air-cooled
  • 1.47 kW - 2.0 HP @ 7000 tr/min

Pulling Capacity

  • Ø 3'' (76 mm): 2,200 lb / 4,400 lb


  • 16-1/2'' x 11-3/4'' x 11-1/4''

Rope Diameter

  • Minimum:  Ø 3/8'' (10 mm) 
  • Maximum:  Ø 1/2'' (13 mm)


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