Power Planter Earth Auger

$ 189.95 CAD

SKU: PPL230HD Power Planter

When you have soil that’s dense, compacted or just tougher than average, you need a ground auger that can power through it. No matter what type of job you have, Power Planter has the heavy-duty auger that can handle it. Our heavy-duty augers are designed to make short work of difficult and challenging projects, so you can save yourself a lot of time and effort.

Ideal for root feeding and vertical mulching.  The 1/2-inch hex drive handles rougher ground with small rocks, sand, and harder clay soil.  Fits most gas powered drills.  Drill not included.

Available in 2" and 3" diameter.   The 30" overall length helps to reduce the amount of bending the operator is required to do.  Both sizes come with the optional heavy duty tip which increases durability.