Prima Pack Track Mats

$ 289.95 CAD

SKU: PPK105 Prima Pack

Plastic road plates are an ideal solution for the temporary pavement of construction site roads, lawns, roadworks, events, demolition work, landscaping projects, etc. Plastic road plates protect sensitive surfaces (like lawns & cobblestone driveways) and prevent vehicles from getting stuck in the mud.


  • Practical, light, and extremely solid!
  • Flexible, they adjust to the surface High wear-resistant plates with a long service life
  • Fracture and impact-resistant
  • Rust-proof and rot-proof (e.g. no rusty water on cobblestones)
  • Easy to clean, Frost-proof, UV-resistant
  • 2 or 4 hand grips for easy placement
  • No need to use trucks or cranes for delivery or placement
  • No damage to the lawn.