DBI PRO™ Pack Shock Absorbing Lanyard

$ 122.95 CAD

SKU: DBI1341004C Capital Safety

The PRO™ Pack Shock Absorbing Lanyard has a number of features to ensure a great user experience. It is a four (1.2M) or six foot (1.8M) single-leg lanyard and features a user-friendly design.

It has a PVC shock pack with protected label and abrasion resistant polyester webbing. Its energy absorbing design limits fall arrest forces, and self locking snap hooks at each end. Also comes with an impact indicator.

If you're going to get a lanyard, you should buy one that's both strong and dependable. The PRO™ Pack Shock is sure to meet bot of these conditions while providing you with great value. The lanyard meets the standards for CSA Z259.11.