Root Rescue Transplanter

$ 104.98 CAD

SKU: RRETMSC4500001 Root Rescue

Throw your plants a lifeline.

• Help your plants establish new roots
• Permanently improve nutrient and water uptake
• Reduce transplant shock and plant failure rates
• Permanently improve disease resistance
• Improve topsoil by promoting healthy soil biology


• Root Rescue contains 18 different species of mycorrhizae & organic bio stimulants
• Wettable Powder mixes easily in water and applied as a soil drench
• Works with all trees, shrubs, evergreens, & perennials
• Tested and proven by the University of Guelph*

Easy to use!

1. Mix with water
2. Apply at time of planting or any time thereafter


• Use Root Rescue any time that root systems are active (Spring, Summer, Fall)
• Highly compatible with all organic fertilizers,compost products, & natural mulches

Available in 450 gram & 900 gram resealable bags.

Discounts available for quantities of 5 cases or more.  Call for details.