Rope Logic DMM Large Impact Rigging Block And Sling Combo

$ 1,086.99 CAD


The DMM Impact Rigging Block is a robust and durable pulley designed specifically for the rigors of professional arborist work. A rope-friendly pulley, the DMM Impact Block is best used when coupled with an Rope Logic adjustable sling. The Rope Logic Ultra Rigging Block Sling makes rigging fast and secure. The terminal eye of the sling fits the Impact Block, and the spliced pockets allow the block to fit through, creating fast and easy adjustability. The Rope Logic Loopie Sling is a continuous loop sling that makes knotless rigging possible, and fits a wide range of rigging hardware. Both slings are made from durable 3/4" Tenex-Tec cord.

MBS (sling)
22,000 lbs (basket)
WLL (sling) 5000 lbs
Length (sling) 2'-8'
MBS (block) 300 kN
WLL (block) 60 kN
Max rope diameter 3/4"