Rope Logic TriTech FlipLine With ISC Snap

$ 197.99 CAD

SKU: ROL40060 Rope Logic

TriTech is an 11mm rope from Sterling designed with their unique Technora sheath, Dyneema inner jacket and nylon cores. Sterling engineered this technically advanced rope specifically to be the ultimate in positioning lanyards. This lanyard is sewn by the experts at Rope Logic with one ISC Triple Action Snap. Select your length.

By combining the abrasion resistant sheath over a cut-resistant and high strength inner jacket and pliable core, this lanyard is strong, and rugged, yet still supple enough to move and position easily. If you are looking for a rope alternative to a wire-core line, the TriTech offers the most cut resistance with nonconductive properties.


Diameter   11 mm
MBS (cordage) 33 kN
MBS (eye) 23 kN
Strand count  Kernmantle