Rope Logic Ultra Sling 3/4in

$ 222.99 CAD

SKU: ROL40149 Rope Logic

The Rope Logic® Ultra® Sling offers a new dimension in quick easy adjustability that is perfect for anchoring friction brake systems like the Port-a-Wrap. Total Length of 13' with a useable length of 12'.

An innovative design offers a no hassle, no-slide, no knot method for anchoring your favorite lowering device. Featuring 12" pockets the Ultra® Sling allows arborists to simply wrap the Ultra® Sling around the tree and then simply pass the lowering device through the most convenient pocket.


5/8" Tenex Tec
2100 lbs (9.3 kN)
Strand count 12 Strand
Country of manufacture US
Total length 13'
Tensile strength
21,000lbs (93.4 kN)
Diameter 20 mm (3/4")