Rope Logic Ultra Sling No.3

$ 310.99 CAD

SKU: ROL40205 Rope Logic

Ultimate ease of adjustability meets rigging redirect! Multiple pockets on the Rope Logic® tREX Ultra® Ring Sling allows for hassle free, knot free, adjustment. Now with the hi-vis Teufelberger tREX line, the Ultra Ring Sling has a supple feel, excellent abrasion resistance, and a wax coating to prevent picking. Spliced by the experts at Rope Logic®, this sling is sure to become your new best friend.


  • MBS 17,100 lbs in choked configuration
  • Made with super strong Teufelberger tREX 3/4" Rigging Line
  • Rope Logic Ultra Ring Sling features a #3 Notch Rigging Thimble
  • Tested and designed for use only in choked configuration
  • 9' usable length
  • 10' total length
  • 10 Pockets of 8" each
  • Used as a redirect, great for redirecting into a GRCS, or in the tree.


Diameter 20mm (3/4")
Material Aluminum
Strand count 12 Strand
Country of manufacture US
Total Length 10'
17,100 lbs