Rope Logic's 10ft 1/2in RockGrab Wire Core Flipline with Steel Snap

$ 281.99 CAD

SKU: ROL33487 Rope Logic

10-foot 13mm swage pressed wirecore lanyard has steel snap at one end. Adjusts with RockGrab, and is made in house by SHERRILLtree.

SherrillTree Wire Core Lanyard
Built in the SherrillTree splice shop, this rope-covered wire lanyard allows smooth use of various rope grab devices and prusik configurations to provide climbers unique protection while aloft. The improved swaging process includes the rope covering in the splice for greater security and overall product life.


  • Meets all applicable OSHA regulations
  • Swage exceeds 6,000 pound strength
  • Rope splice adds redundant security to core
  • Rope cannot slide off cable
  • Labeled for user applied record keeping


Length 10'
 Steel Wire Guage 1/4"
Country of Manufacture US