SAKA Self Advancing Knee Ascender

$ 214.95 CAD

SKU: CLISAKA Climbing Innovations LLC

The SAKA is the most efficient, functional, and versatile knee ascender available. Use it straight from the package or customize it to fit your needs.

  • Super stretch bungee with Dyneema cover and solid rubber core for improved performance and wear resistance.
  • Non load-bearing bungee guide, for quick rebound and easy bungee replacement.
  • Adjustable load bearing tether for maximum versatility to meet any reasonable stride or climbing conditions.
  • Long legs, short legs, walking or running, competing or working, the SAKA ™ will suit your needs.
  • Stores easily. Elastic “sock” for excess bungee storage.
  • Other options for use are available, single bungee and bungee-less.
  • Improved foot loop for a tighter fit, no flop and compact connection point.
  • Climbers weight bearing and device tending are performed by separate components for improved performance and efficiency.
  • 10oz total weight.


 Tips For Use:

  • Leave the footloop on your boot, even when you are not climbing.
  • Store it by attaching it across your back, under your leg or use the convenient storage point on the ascender.
  • The ideal placement for connecting is near your belt area or bridge. There is extra bungee to attach to a chest harness, wrist or any desired location above the ascender.
  • During ascent keep your feet side by side while moving them straight up and down the fall of the rope. Remain in the most upright position possible. No bicycle motions. Smooth deliberate steps wins the race.