Samson Arborfreak Danube Climbing Rope

$ 191.95 CAD

SKU: SAM380032801260 Samson

Samson’s ArborFreak is a renaissance in the construction of the traditional 16-strand arborist line. Taking a fresh look at the relationship between the core and cover, ensuring they work together seamlessly, ArborFeak offers superior firmness for all climbing techniques. At 12mm, ArborFreak provides excellent grip, knot holding capability, and low stretch.


  • Excellent knot holding capability
  • Firm construction
  • Flexible
  • High visibility
  • Low stretch
  • Sized for easy grip


 Diameter 1/2 " , 12 mm
Weight/ 100' 7.7 lbs, 11.5 kg
Working Load 810 lbs, 270 kg
Average Strength 8,100 lbs, 3,700 kg
Fibre (core) Nylon
Fibre (cover) Polypropylene/ Polyester blend