Atlas Thermafit 451 Winter Glove

$ 6.50 CAD

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There is no question why the ATLAS Fit® 300 glove is Universal Field Supplies' top selling work glove.

But the winter version  , the The ATLAS Fit® 451 follows really close.

While it is a cost effective work glove,   has an ergonomic design,  delivers an exceptionally comfortable fit and keeps your hand warm int he winter.

. Dipped in lightweight natural rubber coating, the ATLAS Fit® 451 has a rough texture that provides a grip perfect for a variety of applications. The knuckles are not coated to provide more agility and coolness.

ATLAS Fit® 451  Gloves Feature:

  • Excellent grip & durability 
  • All-day comfort
  • Natural rubber palm & fingertip coating 
  • Knuckles are not coated to provide more dexterity and coolness

Suggested Applications:

Tree Climbing, Construction, Landscaping, carpentry, work around the house ,  maintenance, masonry,  highway work, roofing and shipping & receiving