Silky Tsurugi Curved Pruning Saw 330 With Medium Teeth

$ 140.99 CAD

SKU: SIL45633 Silky

Silky’s Tsurugi has a 13” curved blade and 8.5 teeth per inch. They developed the Tsurugi from the straight version, adjusting the shape and the size. By making it curved, Silky has made the saw more aggressive and maneuverable. The is both incredibly balanced and lightweight, thanks to having no screws or nuts keeping it together.

A two-part rubber grip, integrated into the full-tang blade, allows users to keep a firm grasp of the saw at all times. Lastly, the saw comes in a unique aluminum scabbard. This can be fitted to a belt or leg, depending on preference.

Technical Specifications

Blade Length 13 in
 Teeth per inch 8.5