Ergodyne Skullerz 8981 Magnetic Headlamp Light

$ 50.95 CAD

SKU: ERG60191 Ergodyne

The Skullerz 8981 Hard Hat Light easily attaches directly to any Skullerz hard hat and Safety Helmet light mount. This LED safety light simply slides and clips into the front or rear built-in mounts without the need for clunky straps or clamps.

This portable headlamp features a built-in magnet on the back for securely attaching the light to metal on the worksite or for storing when not attached to a hard hat or helmet. Simply detach from the built-in mounting bracket to use as a flashlight/work light or to change batteries.

This Hard Hat LED Light features a 5-position tilt design for visibility where you need it. A one-button switch supports 2 working modes: spotlight and floodlight. Spotlight (150 lumens for 6 hours) is for tight-beam long distance visibility and floodlight (50 lumens for 10 hours) is for wider close area visibility.

Requires 3 AAA batteries (included).

This hard hat light is IP54 rated for dust and water resistance.

Ideal for worksites where head protection and/or additional lighting is required, including construction & utility job sites, oil & gas, road work, forestry, mining and general site work.


Quick Mount  -Seamlessly and securely mounts to built-in front or rear slots on Skullerz Hard Hats and Safety Helmets

Portable Flashlight  - Built-in magnet attaches to metal surfaces for use as a work light or for accessible storage when not in use

Pivoting Mount - 5-position tilt design for visibility where you need it most

2 Modes: Spotlight & Floodlight - Spotlight for distance viewing (150 lumens) or wide-beam floodlight for close wide-angle viewing (50 lumens)

Runtime -  6 hours on spotlight mode, and 10 hours Floodlight 

Batteries Included - Requires 3 AAA batteries (included)

Tested & Certified - IP54 rated for dust and water resistance