Sterling AZTEK Arbor Elite 150'


SKU: STRKTAZTEKA150 Sterling Rope

Designed for the arborist working alone or in a team, the AZTEK Arbor system is a simple, effective tool providing solid mechanical advantage for efficient, powerful rigging. This multi-directional, lightweight system is ideal for structural cabling or aerial rescue. It has unique swivel pulleys (the AZTEK Omni Blocks™) that keep loads oriented correctly when tensioned and Sterling’s original 6 mm ratchet prusiks for progress capture.


NOTE:  pouch-style carry case is available with the 50' rope kit only. Pictures are for the 50' rope kit.

System Contents:

(2) AZTEK Omni Block pulleys

150' of 8 mm Edge Restraint with sewn eye

(2) 6 mm sewn ratchet prusiks

(2) Falcon Talon carabiners


3.8 lb         

MBS Rating (lb)