Portable Winch Swing Side Snatch Blocks

$ 89.95 CAD

SKU: PWCPCA1274 Portable Winch

* Please note that this product is not available for shipment outside of Canada

Portable Winch's PCW74 swing-side block features a 100mm (4") aluminum sheave and steel side plates. The block is lightweight, and its side plates swing open for rope installation. It boasts a 98% efficiency, thanks to its sintered bronze bushings on its steel shaft. The block is mainly useful for line doubling because it prevents the rope from coming out accidentally. Use steel locking carabiners or shackles to anchor a polyester sling.

The 1275 is similar to the 1274 but has a smaller sheave. This makes it smaller and lighter than its big brother. It is ideal for applications that don't need as much strength.