Tablet Ex-Gear Ruxton Pack

$ 204.95 CAD

SKU: TEGRUXCMXBS1017 Tablet Ex Gear

The Ruxton Packs are designed to provide a comfortable and ergonomic support for field users of tablet computers. The tablet is conveniently located in the zippered pouch close to the body. It is securely attached to the pack by a quick release attached to the back of the tablet with self-adhesive hook and loop. The tablet is stored and transported with the zippered pouch closed. Unzip the pouch, fold down the front of the pack to support the tablet in portrait or landscape.

All three sizes of the Ruxton pack come attached to the comfortable Comox harness. All components are black. However, the front cover of the pack can be removed and replaced with high visibility orange. In addition, front covers can be purchased with pockets.

Attach additional pouches and holsters to this MOLLE compatible harness. The Comox harness is designed to be comfortable for an entire day of work in the field. It is made from mesh with closed cell foam strips that ensure good airflow.  In addition, the harness is designed to be comfortable when worn under a backpack.