Teufelberger AntiSHOCK Chainsaw Lanyard

$ 146.95 CAD

SKU: TEU7350844 Teufelberger

Teufelberger’s antiSHOCK is innovative tool lanyard for arborists. If forces more than 220 – 240 daN act on the lanyard, the tear-webbing will activate. For example, let’s say your saw sticks in the branch you are trying to cut. The tool lanyard prevents injury by reducing the dynamic force on the climber’s  harness, fall protection system and anchor point to 150 - 180 daN.

If the saw does not come unstuck, the webbing will tear open completely. After 70 cm, the tool will drop to the ground. Due to a special treatment of the yarns, the elastic webbing is exceptionally abrasion resistant. This product has not been certified.

Do not use this product to secure persons as defined by the EU Directive 89/686/EWG or for hoisting purposes as defined by the EU Directive 2006/42/EC.