Teufelberger drenaLINE By the Foot

$ 1.79 CAD

SKU: TEU7350118 Teufelberger

One rope equally efficient!  Either on single or double rope configurations, this rope gives ultimate freedom to the climber to choose the right technique for the task. 11.7mm [slaice]®able drenaLINE works perfectly and reliably in both applications. Its extremely light construction and 32 strand cover allows super smooth precision during ascents and descents. With drenaLINE you can always be confident that the hardware you bought will be the right one. This rope has been extensively tested in the field with a vast range of hardware in single and double rope climbing techniques by experienced tree climbers around the world.

Cover: Polyester
Core: Nylon
Standard: EN 1891A, ANSI Z133-2012
Plait number: 32

Minimum breaking strength 7870 lbf.

This rope comes in various sizes: it comes either as a single continuous loop or in 2-3 separate spools

Teufelberger Drenaline 11.7 Mm X 200' With 1" Splife One End, 150 Feet Orange, 1.8mm X 200ft Green, 7/16" X 150' With 1" Eye Splice One End, Teufelberger 10mm Sirius Loop, 1/2" Rope 150 Ft With Tight Eyes Spliced Both Ends

***Please call to order length over 600'***