Teufelberger KM III Max Rope By the Foot

$ 2.39 CAD

SKU: TEUC33441400600 Teufelberger

The climbing rope KM III from TEUFELBERGER is an excellent product for single rope applications, for rappelling and for salvaging.

The KM III is certified to EN 1891A and NFPA 1983:2012. It is equipped with a core of polyamide and a cover of polyester. This polyester cover is robust and ideal for ascenders since it features a very good grip.

Therefore, the climber is able to move up the rope without the bounce one usually encounters on an all-polyamide climbing rope. The polyester cover is perfectly balanced with the polyamide core to limit rotation, recoil and stretch. The rope construction of the KM III with its 32-strand cover provides for an optimum cover/core ratio ensuring an extraordinarily smooth cover, higher tensile strength values and excellent handling.

Thus, the KM III from TEUFELBERBER is characterized by:

  • Optimum cover/core ratio
  • Balanced and torque free rope construction
  • Excellent handling and outstanding knot holding ability
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Excellent UV protection

Sold by the foot