TFS Cruising Prisms

$ 94.95 CAD

SKU: TFSBAF2 Universal Field Supplies

Foresters commonly use these prisms to measure the basal area factor (BAF) of trees. They feature a glass construction, which is either clear or amber tinted. Amber prisms provide a brighter image, which can aid in visibility during conditions with little sunlight. Our prisms are available in several different Basal Area Factors (BAF).

Each Metric BAF wedge prism package includes elliptical glass (40 mm horizontal base, 37.5 mm co-vertex) with BAF # laser etched into it. Each prism comes in a  cow leather sleeve with BAF # label embossed. Also included is a  5.1 cm x 5.1 cm square color illustrated instruction card. Manufactured in the USA. 1% accuracy guarantee.

Please note that other BAF's are available, as a special order.