Tree Planter Fitness Package

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Tree planting is a job unlike any other. Those who plant face a long and unforgiving workday that would break most others. A proper training ensures a you are in proper form to plant all season long. Planters who follow the Fit To Plant Training Program planted 12% more trees and suffered 40% fewer injuries and illnesses than untrained planters.

It's a fact: the fitter the planter, the more trees they can plant. Although the effects of fatigue are inevitable, planters who followed this eight-week pre-season fitness program were able to sustain a higher planting rate. If you’re interested, download the Strategies for Tree Planters information booklet to get started. 

Delia Roberts of BC's Selkirk College developed the program. The kit includes straps, bands, and bars. They help planters strengthen the muscles that most commonly take a beating during tree planting.

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