treeAustria Pro Arborist Harness

$ 609.95 CAD

SKU: DRA10014100111 Drayer

When designing the newest generation of the treeAustria Pro climbing harness, comfort was the ultimate focus of development right from the start. 

The geometry was revised to improve weight distribution,  the size and shape of the leg loops were then adjusted and the length of the connecting straps optimized.   The result was treeAustria's most comfortable tree climbing harness ever- the treeAustria Pro.

Beyond comfort, some functional improvements were also made:

  • The position of the buckles on the leg loops was changed, making it much easier to put on and take off.  The laborious threading into the leg loops is a thing of the past. Now it's time to - Get in - Pull up - Close - Done.
  • Aluminum rings are now used to connect the hip belt and leg loops, allowing the straps to be optimally aligned under load and offer more freedom of movement and less tension on the belt.
  • The webbed bridge is narrower than that of the treeAustria 3.2 and offers more options when choosing the central means of connection.  A second bridge can also be installed. 
  • The quantity and shape of the gear loops have been improved to allow for more flexibly and individuality when it comes to attachments.
  • A lot of thought went into the packaging of the new treeAustria Pro with a focus on how to put the least strain on the environment. After considering many options, they ultimately decided that "No packaging is the best packaging".  Instead, a stylish accessory carabiner comes with every harness - "packaging" with added value.

The treeAustria Pro is the best of 22 years of experience, combined in one tree climbing harness.


Available in three sizes:
Size 1 for hips: from 77 to 105 cm /28" to 32"
Size 2 for hips: from 87 to 115 cm / 32" to 36"
Size 3 for hips: from 95 to 125 cm /36" to 40"

Certification EN813, EN358, ASTM F887