Tropical Ivy Flipline With Notch Glide Rope Grab

$ 310.99 CAD

SKU: NOT99326 Notch

The Tropical Ivy flipline is an adjustable lanyard utilizing the Glide Rope Grab; a cam-based horizontal and vertical work positioning lanyard adjuster on the high-viz double braid 24-strand Tropical Ivy rope made by Yale. The Glide features an intuitive, one-handed operation with a responsive rope payout and take up.

The smooth, non-aggressive clutch is adjustable under load, with virtually no sit-back during use. The Glide comes with a size-specific removable cam, which allows for optimal rope tension through 3 friction settings so it can be used on ropes ranging from 11-13 mm or with wire-core lanyards. No additional cams are needed.

Glide Features:
  • Responsive rope payout and take up
  • Adjustable under load
  • Non-aggressive clutch prevents rope damage
  • Virtual no sit-back during use
  • Swivel eye eliminates rope twisting
  • Intuitive design with an ergonomic feel
  • 11 mm-13 mm diameter rope capacity
  • Size-specific removable cam allows optimal rope tension and adjustments including wire core lanyards
  • Glide MBS: 23 kN
  • Hot-forged aluminum construction
  • Meets ASTM F887 Standard

Available in 10’ or 12’ lengths.