Warwood 36" Pulaski Axe

$ 139.95 CAD

SKU: WAW901 Warwood

Developed in 1911 by legendary U.S. Forest Service ranger and firefighter Ed Pulaski, the tool that now bears his name has been called “the supreme fire tool” and is nearly synonymous with wildland firefighting.

Combining an axe on one end of the head and a mattock blade on the other, the Pulaski is equally effective for chopping trees and logs and for digging in hard or root-bound dirt. That, combined with its relatively light weight, makes it ideal for cutting firelines in remote areas.

Those same qualities make the Pulaski supremely useful and versatile for homeowners, landscapers, hunters, and others too. The Pulaski can dig trenches, build trails, clear plots, chop firewood, and innumerable other tasks around the yard, on the farm, or in the woods.

Technical Specifications:

  • Drop-forged, carbon steel head
  • 3-3/4 lb. head
  • 13” head length
  • Weight 2250 gr
  • Red finish
  • Configurations
    • Tool only
    • 36” American hickory
    • 36” American hickory with proprietary safety grip