Weaver Throw Weights

$ 21.95 CAD

SKU: WLE0898318BO Weaver

The moving action of the #8 shot that fills these Cordura® weights helps prevent them from hanging up in tree branches. The coated lead shot is contained in a latex pouch for environmental protection. Available in bright, easy-to-spot red, blaze orange, or neon green. Weight is screen printed on throw ball for easy identification.

  • A 7/8"" nickel plated ring for attachment of a rope or poly pilot line is box-stitched to each weight.
  • Available in 12 oz orange glo, 14 oz red or 16 oz. neon green

Many arborists will buy weights depending on the situations they work in. For example, a tree with peeling bark like white oak may warrant the use of a heavier weight.