Weaver WLC-700 Cougar Arborist Saddle With Leg Straps

$ 520.95 CAD

SKU: WLE0801085SM Weaver

The Weaver WLC-700 features an extra wide 7" memory foam back that reduces pressure points, wicks away moisture and does not retain heat. The saddle has spaces at the back for attachment of carabiners to hold additional accessories. The fixed position, and angled side dee rings allow you to snap in with one hand. There are also dees for attachment of a ditty bag or first aid kit.

Replaceable sewn webbing suspension bridge features with rubber bumpers and can be used with forged aluminum rings. The saddle’s leg straps feature secure, quick-connect buckles for ease of use. Not intended for fall arrest.  

Important: only authorized replacement parts from Weaver Leather should be used on this saddle. The use of unauthorized replacement parts will void Weaver Leather’s Warranty.

  • Comes with leg straps featuring 4” wide memory foam leg pads for comfort.
  • Available in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large sizes.
  • This saddle has been tested to meet or exceed ANSI #A10.14 criteria.

Proper sizing is essential to choosing the right saddle. Weaver sizes theirs using approximate waist size measurements. This system ensures they are in front of the hip bones for better position and comfort. To get the best fit, measure the distance around the back from hipbone to hipbone. The measurement should be taken four inches lower than the top of each bone. Use the chart to select the correct size.

  • 18"    extra small
  • 20"    small
  • 22"    medium
  • 24"    large
  • 26"    extra large