Weaver WLC-730 Cougar Arborist Saddle With Bosun Seat

$ 575.95 CAD

SKU: WLE0801086SM Weaver

Weaver makes their WLC-730 Cougar Saddle for durability and support. However, it is not for fall arrest. Its 7" memory foam decreases pressure points on the back, threads away moisture and does not retain heat. It also has a replaceable sewn webbing suspension bridge with spectra fibre overlay. This bridge features two rubber bumpers and can be used with forged aluminum rings. The adjustable straps attached to the bridge provide a comfortable fit.

An aluminum bar reinforces the 4" batten seat, the bar is covered with foam that provides extra support. A buckle at the waist has a roller for ease of use. Thanks to the seat and bridge, inspection and replacement are easier than ever. Two nylon utility straps with a chrome brass 200 snap and a 2" nickel-plated ring keep tools close at hand, d-rings at front and back offer easy attachment of suspenders.


Proper sizing is essential to choosing the right saddle. Weaver sizes theirs using dee-to-dee measurements. This system ensures they are in front of the hip bones for better position and comfort. To get the best fit, measure the distance around the back from hipbone to hipbone. The measurement should be taken four inches lower than the top of each bone. Use the chart to select the correct size.

  • 18": extra small
  • 20": small
  • 22": medium
  • 24": large
  • 26": extra large