ABL CoreX-12™ 5/8" Crane Sling

$ 238.60 CAD

SKU: ABL21159NYL3BLK25WP1SCCOAHMPE Atlantic Braids Ltd.

Designed, manufactured and tested in Canada by Atlantic Braids, these ultra-tough crane slings are constructed using 5/8" (15.9mm) diameter CoreX-12™ which provides enough strength to replace a steel cable while remaining lightweight with a very little stretch, making crane work safer and faster.  

The double-braid polyester jacket protects the braided HMPE fibre core and provides excellent heat and abrasion resistance.   The sling is colour coated neon yellow with 2 black tracers for easy identification.

Available in 25-foot or 35-foot lengths, this version includes a 12-inch eye with a protective chafe sleeve to prevent wear. Also available as a Kit (Two (2) 5/8" x  25 Foot Slings and One (1) 5/8" x 35 Foot Sling.

MBS:  30,770 lbs

Safe Working Loads:

Vertical: 6,150 lbs

Choker: 4,612 lbs

Basket (2 leg): 12,300 lbs