ABL CoreX-12™ 5/8" Crane Sling with Hook

$ 449.19 CAD

SKU: ABL21159NYL3BLK15WP2HK1SCCOAHMPE Atlantic Braids Ltd.

Designed, manufactured and tested in Canada by Atlantic Braids , these ultra tough crane slings are constructed using 5/8" (15.9mm) diameter CoreX-12™ which provides enough strength to replace a steel cable while remaining lightweight with very little stretch, making crane work safer and faster.  

The double braid polyester jacket protects the braided HMPE fibre core and provides excellent heat and abrasion resistance.   The sling is colour coated neon yellow with 2 black tracers for easy identification.

Available in 15 foot or 25 foot lengths, this version includes a 6-inch eye with protective chafe sleeve to prevent wear on one end and and a self locking  3/8” crane hook on the other.


MBS:  30,770 lbs

Safe Working Loads:

Vertical: 6,150 lbs

Choker: 4,612 lbs

Basket (2 leg): 12,300 lbs