Husqvarna 300TA DX Trimmer Attachment


SKU: HUS537353503 Husqvarna


Powerful and reliable, Husqvarna trimmers are the perfect choice for when it comes to give the lawn edges a great finishing touch. This trimmer allows high power in even the furthest places to reach. All machines are easy to handle and are designed to help get the job done as effortlessly and swift as possible.


128LDX, 524LK, 525LK, 129DJX, 129LK, 125LDX, 125RJX, 128LDX, 128RJX, 129LDX, 324LDX, 325LDX, 326LDX, 326RJX, 327LDX, 327RJX, 335LK, 335RJX, 525LK, 525RJX, 535LK

Not Compatible:

129LD, 129CD, 128LD, 128CD

Technical Specifications:


    • Shaft diameter - 0.94 in
    • Length - 46.0"
    • Width - 8.0" 
    • Height - 6.0"
    • Weight - 4.5 Ibs

    *  For warranty and liability reasons, this product cannot be shipped outside of Canada