Geotechnical Sand Gauge

$ 39.63 CAD


The Geotechnical Sand Gauge is a great option for the environmental scientist who needs a tool to measure sand. One of its key features is the inclusion of actual sand grains to aid in classification. It has a number of other features that are specific to measuring sand, including:

  • Size classification for large clasts
  • Size classification from silt to very coarse, with actual sand grains
  • Roundness chart with actual grains
  • Bed thickness classification
  • Field checklist to organize notes
  • Geologic time scale
  • Two carbonate classification charts

The flexible and waterproof plastic card includes a nylon lanyard, with sand grains fused to plastic. If you are a professional that needs to accurately measure grains of sand, look no further than the geotechnical sand gauge.  Shipping weight: 8 oz.