Bear Beware PLUS Pepper Spray, 225 Grams

$ 44.95 CAD


* Item is not available for purchase outside Canada.

There are many reasons why you should carry pepper spray for bear defense instead of a conventional weapon. One reason is that pepper spray is non-lethal. The effects wear off in 30-45 minutes and have no known permanent effect on animals or humans. This solution is a great alternative to physical violence or death when potential life-threatening situations arise. Also, pepper spray is much easier to carry than a gun.

In many areas where bears inhabit, the local authorities prohibit or heavily restrict firearm use. During its discharge, pepper spray has a very wide 'shotgun' pattern. Therefore, it is not necessary for the user to have a great amount of training and practice to be accurate and effective with its use.

While distances are affected by conditions such as wind, temperature, or precipitation, the average distance for a 225gm container is 6 - 8 meters (22 feet). 325-gram containers have a range of 8-9 meters (25 feet). Capsicum sprays have been proven effective in repelling bears in close quarters. Please use only as a last resort. There is no guaranteed method of responding to a bear encounter; every encounter is unique. We advise strict attention to the advice of wildlife professionals in regard to safety.

  • 98% Capsaicin
  • Also available in a 325 gram can
  • Registration No. 27,382
  • Holster sold separately